Saturday, March 31, 2007

In the mail yesterday

In the mail yesterday were those huge boxes of yarn I had ordered. While I am very happy with it I am sort of wondering where to put it, but I will find someplace . Taking pictures of my new yarn is sort of a beginning of cataloging my stash and I hope to take more pictures soon and upload to my flickr album, to look at the newest addition to my stash click here

And so it begins

First I like to say that I am a bad, bad blogger at least I have been in the past. My poor cross stitching blog has not been updated in a long time. In part it was because I didn't have a camera but mostly it was pure laziness.
I aim to do better now, especially since I have joined the 52 pair plunge and want to keep track of my knitting.
I will be uploading a few pictures in a moment of all the goodies that I got yesterday in the mail. I plan also to add pictures of my stash on my flickr and by that get some firm grasp on what lurks in the depths of all the boxes that are stored wherever there is space.