Sunday, February 24, 2008

Horrible winter

I am sick and tired of this horrible winter, I think I was born in the wrong country since I have always hated the dark winters and I am also not too fond of the bright summer nights either. I prefer to have as sharp definition of night and day as in most other countries.
I really can't say what the Vikings where thinking when they settled in this place, but then again there were probably not so many places for them to go to since they were evading taxes and authority of all kinds.

My knitting also suffers from the weather, I am not able to knit lace and it is really hard with all the projects that I have planned and the wonderful yarn I have for them. In the meantime I have been looking for material about Herbert Niebling but have not found much, I wish I could read German so I could do this properly so perhaps I should be studying that instead of grumbling about things that I can not change.

This said I can still knit socks and I have a few knitted up this year and baby clothes, I have some knitted up but lots more planned so that should keep me busy for some time. I am also trying to finish logging my stash on Ravelry, bad pictures and all and I have still a few boxes to do. No pictures this time around, since I can't remember where I put the sock trees but I will find them eventually.

After writing this post I felt a lot better, wallowing in self pity is not something I recommend but sometimes it feels good to grumble and then move on to better things :-) on that note take a look at this amazing beauty, I bow to Fleegle and her knitting skills withs never fail to keep me interested in the world of lace and wonderful yarn.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The package is found

Since I last wrote complaining about my lost package, they seam to have found it. At least there was someone at the door on Thursday with the package. So here is what was in the package, two wonderful skeins of laceyarn from The Wollemeise