Monday, March 14, 2011

A new Blogpost!!

After 3 years of not blogging I am finally going to revive the blog! mostly for me to keep tally of what I am doing and hopefully get some pictures on. That is not going to happen for a while as my camera is not working :(

I moved to England at the start of last year so now I am much closer to a spinning community witch is great and I have made great friends here and living in England is generally wonderful. I miss my kids of course and my mum and my friends but a change is a good thing and being away from Iceland makes you see what is happening over there in a whole other light than when your sitting in the middle of all the scandals and corruption following the economic crash.

But back to knitting, this is my list of finished objects of the year since I came back from my Christmas holiday in Iceland on the 8th of January:

Lopisweater Hermann Lopi
Lopisweater Sonja Lopi
Lopisweater Hulda Lopi
Lopisweater Abbie 6 years Lopi
Lopisweater Ben 8 years Lopi
Merit Beret Kiz Lopi
Thorpe Chris Lopi
Hat Ben Lopi
Hat Abbie Lopi
Hat Harrison Lopi
Hat Evie Lopi
Hat Henri Lopi
Merit Beret Sonja Lopi
Merit Beret Hulda Lopi
Hat Hermann Lopi
Hat Elli Lopi
Mittens Ben misc
Mittens Abbie misc
Mittens Harrison misc
Mittens Evie misc
Mittens Hermann Lopi
Mittens Elli Lopi
Shawl Haruni with 16 rows extra repeats Polwarth Handspun Antartica SCF
Merit Beret Agusta Handspun
Fair Isle mittens form a kit Finnish wool
Tea Cosy from Ring A Rosie Merino and glimmer yarns
Cardigan from Drops bluegreen Merino Extra Fine Tebe yarn
Cardigan from Drops red Merino Extra Fine Tebe yarn
Merit Beret for Sonjas mum Lopi

I have also been spinning a lot and this is my tally for the same period:

My handdyed Shetland in red Bulky 2 ply 80 yards
My handdyed BFL green and orange Fingering Singles 215 yards
SCF Polwarth Antartica blue/greenish Heavy Lace 2 ply 540 yards
Commercial silk merino rose Fingering N plyed 425 yards
Merino Singles multicolored primary colors Fingering Singles 382 yards
Lunabudknits BFL Ace green/brown/pink Worsted 2 ply 170 yards
Downland SAY purple/red/yeallow Fingering N plyed 245 yards
Downland SAY green/blues/yellow Fingering N plyed 332 yards
Corridale SAY gray/brown/orange Fingering N plyed 213 yards
Camel/Silk from Jaquie mother of pearl DK 2 ply 186 yards
Organic Merino Cosmopolitan SCF Fingering Singles 472 yards
Merino/Tensel The Yarn Yard red/pink Fingering N plyed 302 yards
Probably Merino Pink/green/brown DK 2 ply 146 yards
Merino Singles pink browns greens Fingering Singles 235 yards
Merino Multicolored Lace 2 ply 835 yards
Probably Merino Pink/green/brown Worsted 2 ply 298 yards
Lunabudknits batt with all kinds of fiber Lace 2 ply 561 yards
BFL and Silk peackoc DK 2 ply 194 yards
Downland SAY yelow/red/orrange Fingering 3 ply 284 yards
Superwash merino red yellow orange black Fingering 3 ply 478 yards
SAY Shetland in blues - blue merino Bulky 3 ply 388 yards

Total 6981

On my needles now is a Stockholm Scarf of Sonja my sons Hermann's GF and a Tappan Zee cardi for me in burnt orange. On the wheel is a batt from SCF that I am spinning into 1300 yards single for one of 3 plyes of fingering weight to knit the Galadriels Mirror Shawl in a KAL in the SCF group on Ravelry.


alke said...

Wow - You're productive!
Nice to see you back!

Anonymous said...

Veeeei! Gaman gaman að sjá bloggpóst frá þér elskan mín!
Og þú ert náttúrulega prjónamaskína!

Ein spurning, notaðir þú plötulopa í peysurnar sem að ég er að fara að ganga frá fyrir þig? Svona svo að ég noti sama garnið í fráganginn.

Bubba kom til mín í gær og lét mig fá allt þetta fallega garn! Ég er í himnaríki! TAKK FYRIR MIG elskan mín!

StashDiva said...

Thanks Alke it has been a while :)
Linda ég notaði plötulopa það er smá hnykill af þessum brúna þú sérð að ég notaði hann 2 faldann.