Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Video Podcasts

For those of you who know my personally and probably others too, you know that I can't knit or spin without watching or listening to something. Right now I am alternating between watching lots os Scifi TV series and Video Podcasts. I

just finished a watching Firefly again and still trying to figure out why there was only one season it is such a great show. Before that I watched all the Stargate series SG1, Atlantis and now I am watching SGU as it runs.

As for Video Podcasts I try to keep up with them but there are so many new cropping up that I probably don't know about yet. My all time fav and one of the longes running is Round The Twist with Carin. I love her show and it always inspires my to knit, lucky for me she is on a yarn diet so no temptations there as I am on one myself.

If you have not tryed those type of podcasts I highly recommend them as they are fun and you always see some new things and watching what other people are knitting is also alway inspiring.
Most of thoes shows have Ravelry groups and are on Itunes as well for those of you who prefer that. I usually just watch them on the blogsites.

As for knitting I am still working on the Stockholm Scarf but I am at the finishing line, the laceweight of doom is not getting much love but I am almost done with the first strand of the 3. I intend to take a brake between the strands and next up will probably be singles spun from some Falkland top dyed by Feltstudio here in the UK. I got this and 2 others of her tops at Woolfest last year so it is high time for them to be spun. David's fiber club from SCF is on it's way from Australia and I am looking forward to that as usual. My friend Jacqui who runs Spinning a Yarn is also having a fiber update later this month and I snagged one braid of super sorted BFL from ther at the last Spin A Rosie. I loveh her fiber and have a plastic box nearly full of it :)

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gardeneralke said...

I've never seen a video-podcast.
I'm gonna check it out!