Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Garden Party is over

and done with except for blocking of course, I finished the shawl this morning and now it is resting with the six other unblocked shawls in my FO basked. I highly recommend this pattern for those who like lace since it is clear and flawlessly written and charted. There are also other bautiful patterns by it's designer Laura of Fiber Dreams and I am planning on knitting some of them soon.

This is a picture of it in its unblocked clory , this will be a big shawl once blocked I am sure and below is a close up of the part where the leaf section and the rest of the shawl meet.

Now I am off to knit Laminaria from Knitty, in fact I have already cast on, so now I am off to knit on it.


fleegle said...

Dear Stash Diva--

Your Garden Party is exquisite! Your knitting is almost as good as mine.

Thank you so much for offering me shelter. I do appreciate the invitation. Before I settled in, however, I would need to peruse your stash and see if it's worthy of my knitting skills. If nothing else, Flargle's stash is more than adequate and there is a lot of cashmere, which is especially good for snoozing.



fleegle said...

Oh, that really is lovely! I ordered some yarn for it--green--and it should be here soon.

Thanks for the JP offer. Thanks to Harry, I have already perfected my groveling skills. And you might get to witness them if I am unlucky enough to run out of yarn. This usually happens two rows from the end.